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Lego Candy / Candy Blocks

Everyone knows how popular Lego is with kids of all ages, and all the time they spend building creations of all kinds with those famous interlocking blocks. Lego’s popularity has grown to the point where Legoland amusement parks have sprung up in various locales around the world and Lego movies are the must-see movies of the year. It was inevitable, then, that Lego candy would come along, with blocks that perfectly replicate the real thing. You can buy them in bulk from Oh! Nuts, presenting kids with the ultimate dilemma – build or eat. Hopefully, they will build, then eat!

These Lego candies come in the same pastel colors as the blocks, complete with fruit flavors, so you may want to jump in and help them eat! Use these Lego candy blocks to create one-of-a-kind birthday party favor bags or to build a unique dessert display. Since they work just like real blocks, you can create cool Lego structures that are completely edible. We’ve seen people make everything from edible gift boxes to complete structures using Lego candies! You can also use them at any Lego-themed birthday party or extra-special event, as a cupcake or cake topping or to dress up your frozen yogurt or ice cream sundaes. There’s truly no more fun décor than these sweet, stackable treats! Make sure to read the reviews on this page for more ideas and inspiration on things you can make with block candy.

This brick candy is made fresh, complete with kosher Pareve certification. For sure, you will want to get this Lego candy in bulk. Call that another inevitability! Order yours from Oh! Nuts in whatever quantity you desire, from a low-priced 1-pound bag all the way up to a hefty yet affordable 11-pound case. Each pound contains approximately 100 pieces.
LEGO is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group.




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